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TheThe Versia Group is a Legacy Advisory Firm that has four areas of focus. The first category is Legacy Advisory- our clients are family members and faith based institutions.

The second category is Workforce Solutions. The services that we provide are: Group Benefits, Global Healthcare Solutions, Commercial Insurance and HR Outsourcing. 

The third category, Community Development, was birthed from our faith based clients need to increase their revenue streams beyond the four walls. Our latest venture is Government Contracting. 

What makes The Versia Group unique is that we provide sustainable solutions for generations to come. 




Key Person Life Insurance is designed to protect a business against potential financial loss caused by death of an employee who is critical to the success and profitability of the business. The business is the owner and beneficiary of the policy. A Key Employee is anyone who contributes significantly to the financial success of the business. A Key Employee (who may or may not be an owner) is anyone who is responsible for management decisions, is highly paid, has a significant impact on sales or has a special rapport with customers or creditors. 


A Private Foundation is a charitable organization typically established to support charities and other foundations. For that reason, a private foundation may be more appropriate for someone who wants to become immersed in the execution of their giving strategies, including managing the organization, it's investments, and grant making decisions. These foundations can be funded by life insurance, cash securities, real estate and more.