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The Versia Group's Four Focus Points

The Versia Group in Annapolis, Maryland, is a Legacy Advisory Firm that focuses on four areas of services to the public, businesses, the community, and the government. The topics of interest are legacy advisory, workforce solutions, community development, and government contracting. We will detail each service provided and how we help make a difference with our company. Everyone plays a part in keeping this world turning. By allowing everyone interested in learning more about what we do, we can maintain the faith-based industries.

Legacy Advisory

We consider all of our clients as our family. The purpose of this is one of the most unselfish things a person can do for their family members or those they leave behind. Our financial sector advice deals with life insurance, annuities, disability income, long term care, and endowments. We offer seminars and analysis for those interested. The primary goal is to ensure the person's legacy carries over to those family members who have the bills to pay and extra leftover for sustainability.

Workforce Solutions

Our clients who own businesses need the benefits for their workers as incentives. We want to provide the best coverage in group benefits, global healthcare solutions, commercial insurance. There is also Human Resources outsourcing services we offer to companies who may not have an HR department. Benefits are the number one topic most employees worry about in a company. Medical, dental, and life insurances are among the main topics of discussion. By offering the best benefits, our clients are guaranteed to have the best workforce available.

Community Development

Community development helps out the community in so many ways. It increases revenue to keep everything flowing business-wise. Government contracting offers schools and agencies to get built for those living within the community. Both provide more jobs for the local town or city's people to keep the money within the community. Doing so allows the community to continue prospering as the people and families are well-taken care of for many years to come.

Government Contracting

Our company, The Versia Group, offers consulting services to non-profit organizations, businesses, federal, state, and local agencies and municipalities. Government contracting calls for Human Resources services and training sessions for all of their workers. HR has many departments we cover, from handbooks, policies, and performance evaluations. Within the government, we work to provide the best benefits to those who work in offices, roads, and other contractors who offer buildings and businesses from federal all the way down to municipal.

Working Together

As we work together with individuals, companies, communities, and the government, our cities can only become better over time. Our services provide what is needed and work to keep everyone safe, healthy, trained, and financially stable. Doing this for each individual and company brings everyone together as one within a faith-based organization. It almost feels like charity runs our business. Everyone comes out better, with the final results showing nothing but positivity. For this, we are most proud.

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